Meet Ben!

Some fast facts about Ben:

Likes: squirrels, tennis balls, donuts, chicken pot pie

Biggest accomplishment: Eating 40 donuts in one sitting


Ben is a free energetic spirit who is in the body of a black and tan coonhound. Although he is a “wild man,” Ben is the kindest, sweetest, and most-emotionally-in-tune dog I have ever met. I adopted Ben when he was a year old from the J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter in Indiana. Six months prior to me adopting Ben, he had been tied up to the animal shelter’s mailbox and although this makes me very sad that it happened to him – I am grateful I am able to give Ben his forever home.

Ben’s Pet Finder ad! How sweet and innocent looking. Baby Ben ❤

I say that Ben is in tune with your emotions as the universe gave me Ben right before I lost a dear friend in a tragic accident. Within a week of owning Ben, I was crying myself to sleep each night and he would come lay beside me and put his head under my chin to catch my tears. I would wake up and he would still be in the exact same position making sure I was okay. Cooper would be of course laying between the bed and my door to protect me. Although Ben was there every night for months as I cried myself to sleep, he was also there every morning to make sure I got out of bed. Why? HE’S A WILD, ENERGETIC, ITS A BRAND NEW DAY LETS GO OUTSIDE COONHOUND. He needed lots of walks and time at the dog park. I would have rather been face planted in my bed but Ben forced me outside to get some much needed sunshine. This paragraph is the reason that I will never give up Ben or Cooper, they are my guardian angels. Anyways, back to Ben….15590317_10209867831227493_4136229096636902146_n.jpg

When I adopted Ben, he was a lovable free spirit, large coonhound who had zero manners. If he accidentally got away, I’d have to chase him around for hours with a bag of dog food/potato chips/hot dogs/anything close I could grab – to lure him over and catch him. After moving from Kentucky to Florida, I sent Ben away to NexusHaus K9 Services in Tampa for some dog obedience training. It was great – Ben now has a solid foundation from Jesus’ training services that we continue to build on today. I am so grateful! Lately I have been able to take walks with Ben OFF LEASH and work on his recall. He actually comes back (I know some of you won’t believe this)!! I will now be focusing on doing some training for his consistent crying and barking during car rides because of how super exciting it is to go for car rides.

IMG_2571 2.JPG

Since living in Maine, I have been working with Ben on his recall, as well as some new sports that we find fun – bikejoring and skijoring! We even competed in our first Cani-Cross 5K Race this past summer! These are all great exercises for Ben. Skijoring is a great way to enjoy beautiful snowy days. As Ben has been so good with not running away, I am hoping to go from bikejoring to just mountain biking with Ben running alongside this summer. I am excited to continue these blogs and include information on locations in Maine to bikejor, skijor, mountain bike with your dog, and will keep you updated on the dogs’ training! Happy trails hound lovers.




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