Eastern Trail Bikejor


Ben and I had our first bikejor runs of the spring season on the Eastern Trail located in Scarborough, Maine. Ben has a new harness from Nooksack Racing and I bought a bay-o-net attachment for my bike from them as well. Overall, Ben ran great and was very happy with the new gear. We did about four miles each day (Saturday and Sunday), and hit a maximum speed of 20 mph. He is fast and loves to run! Definitely some things to work on though such as passing other dogs and staying straight out in front of the bike.  I think I need to trust him more with the other dogs and just let him keep running rather than slowing down to pass. As for being straight, I have been practicing while running with him (canicross), but he prefers to be out front and to the LEFT. I am hopeful that with more practice he will begin to straighten out. As for the future, I have also been looking at some cool new trails in the area and can’t wait to tear them up with Ben!! Enjoy the photos & video 🙂


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